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Issue with connecting Clover Mini device with POS

I am using remote-pay-cloud SDK 1.4.3 on my android App trying to connect with Clover mini, but i could not connect to Clover device with local network connection method. The Network Pay Display(DEV) App is installed on my Clover mini device, if i uncheck [Server Is Secured] box at setting page of Network Pay Display(DEV) App. i am able to connect to the device. I think there might be some issue with certificate? Please help me to solve the problem
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Is there a reason you are using remote-pay-cloud and not remote-pay-android?

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The engineer who wrote this Clover connection is no longer working here. but he was able to get it work.

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according to the documentation

the Disadvantages of local network connection/direct connection are:

Your POS users will be required to install and trust the Clover device server certificate in each browser that runs the POS.

i am running my application on Android system. there is no browser involved at all. how can i bypass the certification issue.

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Your implementation must be using an Android WebView as the Cloud SDK is written in JavaScript. I would strongly suggest reconsidering the original implemenation.

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This approach doesn't make sense to me. If you already have an android app, using Remote Pay Android seems to be a better fit. That being said the certificate used by SNPD on the device is self signed. If you want to connect via your Android app utilizing the Cloud SDK you will need to install the device's certificate on the Android device. I am not sure of the exact steps you need to perform to accomplish this as it is an uncommon/not recommended approach. If you were using Remote Pay Android it handles the certificate internally so you wouldn't have to worry about this.
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