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Merchants Unable to Install New, Approved APK

Merchant ID: P92TAPYQD6YK8
App ID: CA7RF9A9VJTR6, com.itsacheckmate.cloverprint
Version 1.0
Device: Station 2018
SDK Version: com.clover.sdk:clover-android-sdk:221.9

Error message simply says:
"Error installing app"

We are unable to reproduce the issue as developers. The application installs successfully on the Station 2018 Emulator and all other Clover device emulators. We have successfully sideloaded the app on a Mini 2nd Gen DevKit, and have printed from the app as designed. Emulators have been configured as described at

We participated in a conference call with the Merchant and Clover Technical Support. The issue remains unresolved. We would like to know how the device's debug information can be sent to Support for further escalation as described at


Update: My company received the following message from Clover tech support.

I tried to install the APK you have uploaded, and it looks like it is a testOnly APK, which would explain why it cannot be installed:

adb: failed to install com.itsacheckmate.cloverprint-7.apk: Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_TEST_ONLY: installPackageLI]

Analyzing the APK shows you have this flag:android:testOnly="true"
In your AndroidManifest.xml.

I do not know if you are adding it in the AndroidManifest explicitly, or if it is in your build.gradle file, or if AndroidStudio added it in automatically, but regardless, you will need to remove it in order for the APK to install to the device.

I confirmed that analyzing the APK shows the undesired setting but upon searching my codebase was unable to find any reference to it.

Apparently, Android Studio 3.0+ automatically sets android:testOnly="true" on APKs that are run from the IDE. More information is available at:

I suggest this attribute be added to the list of requirements under Section 2. Next, click the Manage APKs button. > IMPORTANT heading at
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