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How to distribute CFP activities

We got a semi-integration between our POS software and Clover Mini. And we developed a CFP activity to run on Clover Mini, for our POS to use (it's the type of activities described here

1. How can we distribute it to our POS customers? I mean do I have to have it published on the Clover's app market and our customers will download it from there. Or, Clover's semi-integration team will help us push it to each of our specific customer devices like the way it does for our semi-integration app?
If we need to have it published on the app market, what process we need to follow to get it done?

2. The custom CFP activity may be useful for semi-integration solutions from other developers too. Are we allowed to publish it on the Clover's app market for their customers to buy to?
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In order to have your customer install it, you must publish it onto the App market.

When you submit your app, it is publicly available for all merchants, it's mandatory otherwise it is against the App Market Terms.

Please review this link:

Read the document in it's entirety, don't (try) to publish a buggy app, not ready for production.
Ensure the merchant experience is as polished as possible
Schedule a demo
The process is simple, but depending on the delays that you might incur (bugs, legal, missing information, it can extend quite a lot).
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Thanks Bryanne! Very appreciate your response.
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No problem! My pleasure!

Although I believe you marked your own answer as correct :o

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