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Error connecting to Clover Mini via USB - The Clover device is not connected

Good morning

I'm having a problem connecting to the Clover Mini device via using be from my local POS application. I have the CloverExmaplePOS application and can connect without an issue from that, and can perform sales.

I've installed the latest SDK, referenced the CloverConnector, CloverWindowsSDK and CloverWindowsTransport classes from my solution. I've implemented the CloverConnecterListener class and initialised the connection. When initialising the connection, the USB Pay Display application does react, changing from the connection error page to the Welcome page.

Once connected, the OnDeviceError event in my CloverConnectorListener class is fired, with the error message "The Clover device is not connected", and the OnDeviceReady event does not fire.

Switching back to the CloverExamplePOS code, and everything works, it connects and the OnDeviceReady event fires.

I've reviewed the code between the 2 solutions and I cannot see anything different that I'm doing, or not doing, but can only assume that there's something I've let out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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EDIT: Following further testing, I have confirmed that the issue seems to be related to the parent application. I've taken the core code of the interface, dropped it into a standard c# winforms app, and I am able to connect and initiate a transaction.

When the exact same code runs from within a C# windows server, the connection to the device appears to initialise (the welcome screen is displayed), but the OnDeviceReady event never fires and any attempt for additional communication with the CloverConnector object just results in the error "The Clover device is not connected".

Are there any known issues with running the SDK under a Windows service?

Many Thanks

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I've found the issue - it was down to a problem on my side. The new class containing the Clover SDK interface, along with the references to the SDK, was being loaded into the service via reflection at runtime. This meant the service itself did not contain the references, and therefore not all the necessary dlls and xml files were in the runtime folder. Once manually copied in, everything works!
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