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Clover Developer Webinar | Clover App Approvals Overview | May 28th, 2020


Join us for this month’s webinar on Thursday, May 28th, 2020 at 9.30am PT to get an overview of the Clover app approval process—the steps required to have your Android and Web apps published on the Clover App Market.

The webinar will be focused on critical tips about how to prime your app submission for a successful review.

The webinar speakers are:

  • Emily Lucek (Technical Solutions Engineer) builds internal tools and helps partners solve apps and tools related issues.
  • Joel McIntyre (Engineering Manager) has a lot of experience in Fintech and the wider software industry. Joel is also an expert in using the Clover Android SDK.
  • Richelle Herrli (Developer Relations Advocate) works on improving processes at Clover, which include app approvals and developer account approvals.
Emily, Joel, and Richelle are amongst the many Developer Relations team members who make impactful contributions to the app approval process.

Here’s what you will learn in the webinar:
  • Why do apps built on the Clover platform need approval?
  • What is the app approval process?
  • Critical components of the app approval process
  • Your app is approved. Now what?
    • Steps to follow after your app is approved
    • How to make app revisions
    • App maintenance
Please register here to attend this webinar. Once the webinar is complete, we will share a recording on our GoToStage page .
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