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Known issues with emulated Clover devices | Oct 16th, 2019

We're aware of several issues affecting emulated Clover devices. We're actively working to fix these issues and will keep this post updated with the latest.

Current workarounds:

  • Stuck at the Logging in… screen
    • Remove and then add Clover account
      • Settings > Accounts > select Clover account > press the ellipsis > Remove account
      • Settings > Accounts > add Account > select Clover > login
    • Run the following command in a terminal window: adb reboot
  • App Updater did not start after login
    • Settings > Accounts > Add account > select App Updater
    • After adding App Updater, select the App Updater account and enable sync
  • Dialog window asking to "Install from Unknown Sources"
    • Settings > Security > check Unknown Sources
  • App Updater stuck on"Installing…"
    • Run the following command in a terminal window: adb reboot
    • Look for a dialog window asking to manually install each app in App Updater

The following APK versions and hardware profiles are known to work with the workarounds listed above:

  • Clover Engine (com.clover.engine-2048.apk)
  • App Updater (com.clover.appupdater-1154.apk)
  • Clover Mini 2nd Gen (clover-mini-2nd-gen.xml)
  • Clover Station 2018 (clover-station-2018.xml)
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I've tried a Kitkat and Oreo Mini emulator and couldn't get through the `logging in...` dialog after choosing my sandbox merchant. Same behavior on both, I choose the merchant->cancel the hanging dialog->remove and re-add the account->adb reboot->then try to login again and it freezes.

I managed to trick it by cancelling the initial logging in dialog and immediately logging in again (either reboots or account adding / removing did not work)

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