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Authentication for Web App without actual employee

I am building a webapp that will need to access Clover without having an actual employee.

My initial plan was to allow the merchant to create a login for the web app and then enter that login in the configuration page. The webapp would store that login and use that login for all actions. The problem I am seeing with this is that it is not obvious to me how the merchant will create a login. I see that the merchant could create an employee with a PIN, but this appears to me to be different than a login that can be used to perform an OAUTH authentication. I do not actually see how to create the login. Also I am not particularly fond of this method as it will require the merchant to perform some technical steps. Is this possible or even a desirable process to follow?

Alternatively, I would create a "webapp" employee as part of the initial configuration using the REST API. Again, I can see how to create the employee, but not the associated Login. I looked in both V2 and V3 API. Is there a method for this?

If there is not a REST API method, does this mean that I really need to use the merchant API Tokens method?

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Who is going to be using your web app if it is neither the merchant or an employee? Your question sounds similar to this one:

Let us know if that answers your question.

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I think this answers it. I did not understand that the OAuth token is permanent. I was assuming that I needed to get a new one on a regular basis.

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