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problem with the verification of my webhook

I am having a problem when configuring my webhook and it is that I am using ngrok to make my localhost visible, I enter it in the webhook settings URL and I send code and it sends the correct code to my backend but I never get the field where I must put the verification code, so I can't work on my account. I have tried various networks, various devices, various URLs generated by ngrok and the problem continues. I need help, my project is stopped for this reason.

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Can you clarify what you are not getting? Are you not getting a verification code from Clover when you send verification code or are you not seeing the verification code field in the webhook page in your developer dashboard?
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Double-check your webhook URL: Verify that the URL you provided for your webhook is correct and accessible. Make sure it is using the correct protocol (HTTP or HTTPS) and that there are no typos or extra characters in the URL. Here Are Few Steps Given Below

Review webhook configuration settings: Check the configuration settings of your webhook to ensure that you have specified the correct HTTP method (such as POST or GET) and any required headers or parameters. Ensure that the payload format and data being sent align with the service's expectations.

Verify endpoint availability: Confirm that the endpoint where your webhook is hosted is operational and able to receive incoming requests. Test the endpoint using a tool like cURL or Postman to see if it responds as expected.

Check firewall and security settings: If you are hosting the webhook on your own server or infrastructure, ensure that there are no firewall rules or security settings blocking incoming requests. Check server logs or any security systems in place to see if they are causing the verification issue.

Review webhook response: When the verification request is sent to your webhook, make sure that your webhook responds with the expected verification token or challenge code. The response should match the requirements specified by the service you are integrating with.

Contact support: If you have followed the above steps and are still experiencing issues, reach out to the support team or developer community of the service you are integrating with. They may be able to provide specific guidance or troubleshoot the problem from their end.

Remember to consult the documentation or resources provided by the service you are integrating with, as they may have specific requirements or troubleshooting steps for webhook verification.

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