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Can you provide a direct contact for app approvals?:


I am a clover app developer and we have been trying to get our app approved for the clover app market, but for some reason you guys are not understanding the proper use case of the software. I have been in communication with someone from app approvals and have fixed all the issues with the app but it still gets rejected. I responded to the rejection email and have multiple times explained that we can schedule a meet to do a walkthrough of the application but I fail to get a response on that and the representative on your side keeps expressing the concern which is not valid. Can you guys please schedule a meeting or let me know where or who I can contact to resolve this issue. It is not that big of a deal but you guys keep dragging it along for months for no reason and fail to acknowledge my suggestion to meet virtually to address all issues. This isn't our first app as we developed for other platforms but the response we receive from here is the worse. You have a developer platform but fail to properly communicate and address developer concern. CAN YOU GUYS RE-REVIEW MY APPLICATION AND CONTACT ME, AGAIN CONTACT ME, IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, CONCERNS OR PROBLEMS UNDERSTANDING THE USE CASES! This is a small issue that can be resolved with a simple 5 min meet but you guys rather send multiple emails back and for and not address anything and provide a false understanding and use case for the product.

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I see that you are in contact with our team, please continue this discussion there. I reviewed the thread and it seems your application is not functioning on the devices that you say it should function on. We cannot approve your app in this condition.

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As I mentioned to him as well, Everything he stated is not implemented or working is actually implemented and working and you guys are not using or understanding it properly. This all can be solved with a simple virtual meet which again you guys are failing to accept!
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Per the thread, it appears we offered to have a call. Please continue this discussion there. Thank you.
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Hi, I attended the call and was suppose to hear back. Last I heard, the manager accepted the auth process and he was doing a final review of the app before approval. Now I haven’t heard back for weeks even after sending multiple emails. Can you have them reach out to me.

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