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How does one install an app on the Genymotion emulator

Hi All, Using the guide found at, I have installed the emulator, created my first "skeleton" app and uploaded the .apk and supporting docs, and I can see it in the app market as the docs suggest. At step 5 it says to install the app. However, I don't see any "Install" choice on the app description for my app, nor for ANY other apps on the app market. Any ideas what I am missing?

When I created the Clover account on the emulator, about 10 apps installed themselves and they will start on the emulator, but I cannot install anything else, it seems.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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Install option for apps wont appear for clover app market if you are opening app market on non clover devices. It shows up only on web app market and on clover devices. Here is one way to install apps by clover app market using genymotion. Open up your clover web developer home page and click on the link "App market preview" that appears next to your uploaded app. Click install from your app's app market preview web page. Once it is done, open up app market on your genymotion and do a refresh. This will initiate clover app updater and in few seconds you will see your app getting installed on your genymotion. You will be able to see your app on your clover launcher too.

If you don't care much about installing apps from app market at this point, you can just drag and drop your apk file on to genymotion screen. Keep in mind this is just how you install any regular apk on geny motion. It has nothing much to do with clover app market install.

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Mark R is correct, but to add a little bit more...

Once you have followed the steps on you don't need continue uploading each new APK to the market to test it. The steps on that page are required to ensure that Clover recognizes your app package and provides the correct permissions to Orders, Inventory, etc.

You should use ADB for development at this point. For more information see and You can use a USB cable connected to your computer to install your APK with adb install -r <xyz.apk>, you don't need to publish the APK at this point since you are just testing it locally. It should show up in Launcher and you can test it, debug it and see adb logcat logs.

When your app development is complete and you are ready to launch it to the production store for all merchants to get you follow these steps: which involve approving and publishing the APK in the Clover App market. You may want to upload the APK to sandbox server as well just to make sure everything works as you expect when it is up there.

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Hi Jacob,

Thanks for this, but I ran into a snag. I got all the way through the build-your-first-app exercise using Genymotion. I uploaded a "skeleton" app to my account and set it for Inventory read and write. Then, as recommended by others on this forum, I was able to "side load" upgraded versions of the app which include the dependencies, and code that is on the build-your-first-app web page by dragging the APK onto the emulator. App runs, but error msg. says the app "does not have permission INVENTORY_R" Do you have any ideas what to do about this? Thanks, Jim

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Jacob, Skip my last comment. I loaded the new APK to my Clover web page, and did the refresh on Genymotion and it worked. Sorry to bother you.


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