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Can't install from the App Market on Genymotion

I can see the App Market place on an emulated version of Clover, and all of the apps (including the one that I am developing). However, none of the apps have an install button so it would seem that I can't install any of them.

Does anyone know how to get install buttons, or how to install Marketplace Apps on my emulated version of Clover (targeted at Sandbox)?

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Sure thing! That behavior, unfortunately, is a side effect of using an emulator since its device type ends up resolving to UNKNOWN. A workaround is to try navigating to your App Market web app on your Merchant Dashboard and installing apps via there. This is also the method you would go about installing a web app.

If your app on your Developer Dashboard has an App Market Preview button, that will also work in quickly navigating to an install button. If that link is not showing up, then your app is not properly set up to be installed by your test merchant. In that case, it generally means a country subscription needs to be added to your app's properties.

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Not sure that this is a valid workaround. We are installing our apps on the Clover Dev Kit devices in the sandbox environment just fine but the genymotion simulator does not download the app. If you go to the app store on the SIM it says "Installed" for the app but it is not installed and there is no "Download" link. I suspect the simulator doesn't pull it down because of the device type discrepancy still. Am I missing something?

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