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http 500 in create customer API

hi, trying to create a customer and card using the token response from the hosted iframe, and I'm getting http500.. am I missing something ?


"message": "500 Internal Server Error"


curl --request POST \
3 --header 'Authorization: Bearer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' \
4 --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
5 --data '
6 {
7 "cards": [
8 {
9 "additionalInfo": {},
10 "customer": {},
11 "first6": "601136",
12 "last4": "6668",
13 "cardType": "DISCOVER",
14 "token": "clv_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
15 "tokenType": "CTOKEN"
16 }
17 ],
18 "firstName": "aaaaaaaa",
19 "lastName": "bbbbbbbbb"
20 }
21 '

I kwon I can use v1/customers, however I prefer using v3 one because there is a lot more fields to store there.

thank you so much

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David Marginian Deactivated answered sebaxtz commented

Please don't include tokens in public posts (even if it is just sandbox). Despite what our docs say you can't create a customer and pass in "cards". If you want to save a card on file you must follow the instuctions here - See this section if the customer already exists

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I know that I cant pass in cards, I wanted to pass the token Ive got from a hosted iframe. By using that method would save me another api call to update other fields like addresses, phone numbers array, and some metadata.

no way I Can use v3/nnnnnn/customers ?

thank you

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I just realized that I get 500 when I send the "CTOKEN" param, without it the customers is created, but cant be charged


content:{"firstName":"TOROBER OPER","lastName":"TOROBER OPER","cards":[{"exp_month":"1","exp_year":"2023","first6":"601136","last4":"6668","brand":"DISCOVER","address_zip":"11111","token":"clv_nnnnnnnnnnn"}]}


{href=, id=D521HTVFDJZFP, firstName=TOROBER OPER, lastName=TOROBER OPER, marketingAllowed=false, customerSince=1.64217351E12}

thank you so much for your help!

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David Marginian avatar image David Marginian ♦♦ sebaxtz commented ·

The API is not designed to be used the way you are trying to use it. I understand you would like to do things your way, but that isn't how things work. You need to follow the steps provided here

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