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Issue connecting to Clover Flex via serial number

Hi, I'm using the Secure Network Pay Display app and the CloverWindowsSDK to connect to a Clover Flex. I can get it to work fine if I'm using the ip address to connect, but when I try to use the device's serial number to connect, I never get a response back.

Here is what I have in the config, and what I'm doing to initialize the connection:

var Config = new WebSocketCloverDeviceConfiguration("wss://Clover-C042UQ91720703.local.:12345/remote_pay", RemoteApplicationId, true, 1, "LTID-BENB", "C042UQ91720703", PairingAuthToken, PairingCodeHandler, PairingSuccessHandler, PairingStateHandler);
var DeviceConnector = CloverConnectorFactory.createICloverConnector(Config);

Like I said before, this works perfectly fine if I replace the endpoint in the config with "wss://". It will connect and everything works as it should.

Is there something different that needs to be done when connecting via serial number versus connecting via ip address? Is there maybe some documentation or examples somewhere that I could look at related to connecting via serial number? I've looked for documentation/examples but all I've found is stuff about connecting by ip address.

I know this should be possible, since there are a couple other posts here with people having the same issue, and the response has always essentially been "It works for me. Sounds like it's a network issue." However, I'm pretty sure this isn't a network issue. It works perfectly when I use the ip address, and there are several other people on our team that have tried from different networks, and they all have the same issue. Both those things shouldn't be true if it was just an issue with my network.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Clover Flexsecure network pay display
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We have an issue to investigate this that is actively being worked, but, unfortunately the initial research has shown that there are a lot of environmental factors that may be out of our control. mDNS must be supported for this to work so certain versions of Windows (and Android) won't be able to connect via hostname. Also, we have found some issues with certain builds of Windows 10 where an extraneous "." is being added at the end of the hostname which is causing connection issues. We are still investigating this on our end, but the short answer is, use ip address to avoid these problems.

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