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App Notifications not receving on genymotion emulator

I am unable to receive app notifications in emulator
I've used this tutorial to set up clover in genymotion

On App Side I have this code which is listening for notifications

public class OrderNotificationListener extends AppNotificationReceiver {
    public final static String TEST_NOTIFICATION_ACTION = "printOrder";

    public void onReceive(Context context, AppNotification notification) {
        try {
            if (notification.appEvent.equalsIgnoreCase(TEST_NOTIFICATION_ACTION)) {
                Log.d("MyApp", "Intent received NOTIFICATION " + notification.payload);
                Intent intent = new Intent(context, PrintOrderService.class);
                intent.putExtra(PrintOrderService.K_ORDER_ID, notification.payload);
        } catch (Exception e) {
            Log.d(OrderNotificationListener.class.getSimpleName(), e.getMessage());

Even registered in manifest

        <action android:name="">

I am using this URL to send notifications , response is successful as it returns {}{aId}/merchants/{mId}/notifications

No error log is generating so not sure what is the issue.

OrdersClover Android SDK
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How are you installing the app? Have you followed the instructions here: You also may want to take a look at which I updated recently.

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No I have not added signed apk to sandbox account , I was directly running from android studio. I'll try steps from mentioned link.

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Thank you ! Notifications are working after uploading signed apk to dev account . I hope there is a better way.

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Once it is installed for the first time uploading to dev account, subsequent updates can be done directly within Android studio and emulator picks updates immediately.

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