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Clover Order Connector connection issue on specific clover live device

We are using Clover Order Connector to collect / update order details. Its working fine on almost all devices. Our one customer facing issue on his live device is that on his device our application can't connect with order connector and due to that application can't work. We have tried rebooting device several time.
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What is the error that appears? Are there any logs that you can share? Which device is this customer using?

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There is no error but when app trying to connect Order Connector using Asynctask then on post execute method app getting Order Connector reference as NULL. Application is live and its working for all users. On single user's device its not working. User has tried with restarting device several times.

Sorry. There is no log available as this is not error just exception.

Customer is using Clover Mini on Live USA environment.

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Unfortunately, without more information, all I can suggest is uninstalling/reinstalling the app (either through the device or through the Web dashboard).

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