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Can't add my Clover developer account on emulator

I am following this guide to configure an emulator for a CloverFlex2 device. This is my emulator config:

I downloaded the latest Clover engine (2095) from this link and successfully installed using this command:

adb install com.clover.engine-2095.apk

Then, went to the emulator, Settings -> Users & Accounts -> Add Account, and then selected Clover. Then I entered my Clover Developer Account credentials (the same I use to login on the sandbox site):

And pressed Login.... and then nothing happens.... it just stays there, no errors, nothing...I saw here that a lot of people had been complaining about this since 2016 and I read a post where they said this was fixed in the last Clover Engine, but as you can see the problem is still there.

How can I get this to work? I really need to test my code again the Clover engine and other apps, and this is the only option I have. :(

Clover FlexEmulator
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You might want to give engine 2091 a try.

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Already tried. Same problem. Actually, the firs time I tried to configure the emulator, the latest version of Clover engine was the 2091. Anyway, I just tried again with a clean emulator and Engine 2091, and the problem remains... I enter my clover credentials, press Log In, appears a "Logging in...." popup, then it closes and that's it: no error message and just gets back to the login screen.

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