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Send receipt to external server after user has swiped a customer card (similar to a loyalty card)


I have the following scenario:

1. seller is scanning products with the register app

2. customer shows his customer card (2d barcode) and the seller is also scanning it. In best case with the register app like a normal product, to make it convenient for the seller. The customer management is not done in clover, this means the code is not linkable to locally created clover customer profiles.

3. after the payment is done, the receipt will be sent to an external server so the customer can view it in a special app

Currently I do the development with the emulator for Clover Flex.

My questions are:

1. how can I integrate the barcode scanning of the customer card in the register app? I already saw older posts that it is not possible to modify the register app. Maybe in the meantime there are new options or ideas. Fallback solution would be to have a second app the seller has to open and scan the customer card. Then the question is, how to link the scanned barcode with the correct receipt? Another drawback would be that there is no hint to the seller to ask for the card and it can get easily forgotten.

2. How can I link the information of the 2d barcode with the receipt? It would be good to have it as part of the receipt information.

Thank you


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