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Generating multipay tokens with clover ecommerce iframe sdk

I've been integrating clover ecommerce payment solution using the iframe approach to our applications:

However, it seems like I cannot reuse the token generated from the provided sdk (step 4):

When executing the charge against the{orderId}/pay i get the following response when using an already used token:

"{"message":"400 Bad Request","error":{"code":"token_already_used","message":"You cannot use a clover token more than once unless it is marked as recurring/multipay."}}"

I have 02 questions:

  • How do we enable multipay for production merchants to use with the new clover ecommerce api?
  • How do we enable multipay in sandbox environment?
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Thank you for that reference. It seems something is still not quite right here. When I am doing an update for an existing customer according to ( it gives me the following error:

{"message":"400 Bad Request","error":{"type":"invalid_request_error","code":"email_invalid","message":"Please provide a valid email."}}

It says in the documentation that an email will be sent IF it is configured on the consumer alerting that a card was saved, not that the email field is mandatory for saving the card for an existing customer.

Can I please get a clarification as to why this happens?

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Email is required, I submitted a ticket to have the docs updated.

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Thank you @David Marginian for the information. Finally got the multipay flow to work. Just a couple more finding I made:

  • It seems any email address will do (no need to tally one with an existing email for that consumer). The new email address will be added to the customer object.
  • The token should first be saved against a customer before being used. Otherwise the customer PUT request will complain saying that the token is already used as mentioned in the OP.
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@ have you found a way of creating a multipay token without needing to tie it to a customer?

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