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Clover Developer Webinar | Clover E-Commerce API | Q&A

Below are the list of questions that were asked during Deepali Mittal's Clover E-Commerce API webinar.

  • Is the Clover E-comm API live in Canada today? Yes, the E-Commerce API is now available in both US and Canada. You can check out our documentation to find the E-Commerce Guides & API Reference.

  • Do we need a developer account per merchant? You only need to create one developer account to develop apps for a single or multiple merchants.

  • Are there any existing integration modules for popular eCommerce solutions like WooCommerce? Is there a strategy to develop these modules? We currently have a full featured integration module with BigCommerce and Ecwid. We are evaluating what other popular platforms we'd like to support that may not already be available in the Clover app market.

  • Is it required for you to have an App submitted through the developer portal in order to use the iFrame Tokenizer? No, you do not need to submit your app in order to start playing with the iFrame Tokenizer.

  • Is the previous webinar available to re-watch? Is there a link to that webinar? Yes, the previous webinar on Station Pro is available to re-watch here.

  • So is the tokenizer an actual HTML iFrame? Or javascript injected elements similar to Stripe's solution? And what SAQ PCI level does it provide to merchants? It is an actual iFrame element that is injected via javascript when initialized. It will be more akin to Stripe as we rollout support for wallets such as Google Pay. At present, a merchant implementing an e-commerce solution that uses iFrames to load all payment content from a PCI DSS compliant service provider may be eligible to assess its compliance using a reduced list of controls identified in SAQ A, the smallest possible subset of PCI DSS requirements.

  • Is there idempotency support in the e-commerce API endpoints? We will have idempotency support available in our next release.

  • Does the charge API endpoint support creating authorized charges which can be captured? If you create a Charge request with capture = false it will run an authorization that will not capture until you make a Charge request with capture = true.

  • Does the e-commerce API support SCA (Secure Customer Authentication) for use in Europe? We do not support SCA, but are aware that we will need to support it if we launch in Europe. There is not a date for Europe support at this time.

  • Can you talk more about getting an OAuth token? If this is your first time on Clover's Developer Platform, to get an OAuth token, you first need to create a developer account in Sandbox. Once you're on the Developer Dashboard, you then need to create an app and configure it to your liking (please refer to Integration types & E-Commerce app permissions during this step). Then you need to make sure that your test merchant has the app installed by going to your app's Market Listing > Preview in App Market > Connect. Now that you have an app that has been connected to your test merchant, you can follow this guideline on how to use OAuth 2.0 to generate the bearer auth token needed to process transactions.

  • Can merchants use API to fetch transactions from Clover Dashboard without a developer account? A merchant can use the /v3 Rest APIs to fetch transactions without a developer account using the API token that they can generate in their own merchant Clover dashboard. These API tokens are rate limited, are intended for a merchants' sole use, and are not meant to be used by app developers. Clover requires app developers to create apps on the Clover Developer Dashboard and to use OAuth to generate API tokens programmatically. Misuse is against Clover's terms of service and will result in termination of the developer's account. Here is a reference guide for merchants on how to generate API tokens.

  • We already use Clover at our location, with payment company being First Data. If I use Clover eCommerce API for (lets say) selling gift cards on our website... will payments be routed through our Clover account *and* First Data payment gateway? Yes, using the Clover eCommerce APIs will allow you to transact on the same merchant account that you use with your Clover device. Payments will show up in the same dashboard, and will process through your Fiserv (First Data) account.

  • Does clover ecomm API work with WordPress? You could integrate the iFrame and whichever SDK you prefer into a wordpress plugin. We do not have an off-the-shelf Wordpress plugin.

  • Essentially this is a hosted checkout? (Referring to the iFrame Demo). Yes, Hosted iFrame can be considered a form of Hosted Checkout

  • When will native recurring billing be implemented? In the coming months we will support Recurring transactions with Stored Credentials, which is a manual form of recurring billing. Towards the end of this year we expect to have a subscription billing API that will be a managed form of recurring billing. We do not have plans to support batch processing.

  • After receiving a token using the iframe method, do we continue to use the private key as the oauth-token during the charge? Yes.

  • Please post the github repo link. Here is the GitHub Repo Link to Deepali' Sample App.

  • We have existing Clover systems at physical stores. We also have an existing eCommerce platform. We want to buy an online pickup in store solution. So we are more interested in orders and inventory management than payments. Will eCommerce API help with that? You can manage orders and inventory through the existing /v3 Rest APIs.

  • Is the Clover eCommerce API available in Canada only for developers? Not for merchants? eCommerce API is available in Canada on the developer platform. A merchant does have access to this platform if they would like to build an eCommerce application.

  • Is Clover sharing a data model of the system? Yes, here is the eComm Data Model.

  • Does the Clover eComm API support Interac Online? We support co-branded Interac where the transaction is processed as Visa. We do not have support for Interac Online.

  • Are there Clover API's outside of payments, for example: to get a list of the customer's products and prices? Yes. You can get a list of the customer's products and prices through the existing /v3 Rest APIs.

  • To create a token does the client needs to send the CC info without encryption? We recommend using our iFrame to create tokens, but you can use the tokens endpoint to send an encrypted PAN.

  • What if the same customer has multiple cards on file and we passed source as customer ID? Which card will be selected? And is there a way to select the card of that customer? Source tokens represent encrypted customer card data. For this reason, passing source as customer ID will not work. Also, currently eComm API only supports single card on file.

  • When creating the Charge can we store metadata that we can retrieve esp when using webhooks? Current v1/charges API doesn't provide a way to set meta data in the request.

  • You only need two items added to the merchants webpage: 1. Clover JS & 2. Clover Public Key? To process a payment, we recommend that you integrate with the iFrame and use your public key to tokenize card data. You can then use that token to process a payment with a server to server call via API or using one of our SDKs such as Python, Node, or Java.

  • Will all eCommerce transactions appear in the same merchant account portal where the merchant would see their card present transactions? Yes.

  • How does the developer commercialize on using this API? Does one get a percentage share of the created revenues through the web shop? You can monetize your app through the app market by charging a subscription fee, metered fee, or combination of the two. Here's more information on the subject.

  • Does payment token payment work with Apple/Google pay? Payment token will work with Google Pay in the next release. No date on Apple pay yet.

  • Is the charge API basically an evolution of the Developer Pay API? Yes, these updated APIs will eventually replace Developer Pay.

If you did not see your question answered, it's because we're reaching out to you for further clarification. Please feel free to ask follow up questions to the questions above as a comment on this article! Thank you.

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