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Edit App Market Listing is Broken

There appears to be a bug with the Market Listing section of the Web Dashboard for an app.

I have created a new Clover App and wish to submit it for approval. However, I cannot edit anything on the Market Listing page for my App (Draft).

Any field I try to edit, I get a 500 server error & a 404 not found error in the console from Clover.

Last week the 404 error was displayed on every edit modal I tried. This week, the error does not appear, but the modal still does not save/update/close.

Here is a gif of the behavior I see (link, since the max post size is too small to include it in the description):

I am logged in as OWNER. I checked, and I have full Permissions.
I even tried creating a new account with all Permissions, logged in as an ADMIN role. Same experience.

What is happening here? How can I edit my App Market Listing Info before submitting this new app to Clover for approval?

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There was a bug in the dashboard and in some cases locales weren't being set. I suspect that is the issue here. Unfortunately, I believe it requires a database update on our end. I have created an internal issue and will see if I can get the developer platform team engaged.


Issue was resolved via update to this developer's app configuration on our end.

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Thank you David. Please keep me updated.

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You should be good. Give it a try and let me know.

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It looks like it's working now. Thank you, David! I appreciate the turnaround time on this.

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