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Can an App use Apple Pay with Clover?

We're working with an existing self-pay shopping application to integrate their app with Clover. It seems that this question has been asked and answered before but I wondered if anything has changed. We would like to use Clover's Apple Pay functionality. It seems like our only alternative is to use a separate payment gateway if we want the App to support Apple Pay. If this still is not supported can you explain why?
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Hi, @John Jenner.

Yes, Clover supports Apple Pay. You can do so by invoking the Secure Payments app using the PaymentConnector SDK:
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Hi Frank is this new functionality? Many people were saying this is not available...

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No, all of our devices are NFC contactless-capable. Maybe I misunderstood the initial question. Can you clarify what it is you're trying to achieve with the Clover integration?

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Use a third party Mobile Self pay application to place orders and payments through Clover "CLOUD"; no Clover stations directly involved...people will still be able to do traditional checkout as well. We were told that while we can do standard payments using we can't do Applepay using the pay-api. We are working with So basically people walk in use their phone to scan some barcodes to add to cart and pay... order payment goes through Clover. Potentially there could be no Clover hardware in the room, although we will have.

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