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After initializing payment connector we can see an application on the recent application screen, How can we remove payment connector's application from Recent Application Screen?

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When payment connector initializes it open an application which shows on the recent running application screen. When I tried to make a sale request with it, it's working correctly and after the successful payment, I closed my application. But the payment connector SDK's application was not removed from recent application list and I can do another payment via this application. We analyzed it and found that the same issue happening with all requests like as refund request etc. The payment connector application held the last value and type of transaction, and when we clicked on it from recent application list it copies the last transaction and add it as a new transaction again.

While was disposed of the payment connector when I closed my application.

I am using the following dependencies:
implementation group: 'com.clover.sdk', name: 'clover-android-sdk', version: '215'implementation group: 'com.clover.sdk', name: 'clover-android-connector-sdk', version: '215'

So kindly suggest the solution for it and if possible then suggest us the way to remove payment connector SDK's application from recent application screen.
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