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Urgent: Payment connector sale response "externalReferenceId" field has null value

Hi @David Marginian @Greg,

We are using Payment connector to make the Sale payment transaction via the following code:

SaleRequest request = new SaleRequest();


request.setExternalId(ExternalIdUtils.generateNewID()); //value returns in externalPaymentId









Map<String, String> extraParam = new HashMap<>();

extraParam.put(Intents.EXTRA_EXTERNAL_REFERENCE_ID, "11111111");



In the SaleResponse we are getting null value for “externalReferenceId” while we are sending the value for it in the SaleRequest with extras.

Can you please suggest a way to find the value in “externalReferenceId” field in the response of payment transactions by using a payment connector?

Also, explain the use of request Id during the transaction. We are sending it with the request but not getting it in the response.

Note: We can get the value for “externalReferenceId” in the response if we will use Intents.ACTION_SECURE_PAY with Intents.EXTRA_EXTERNAL_REFERENCE_ID to make the payment but clover is recommending the Payment connector to make the payment.


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The main difference between payment connector and Intents.ACTION_SECURE_PAY is that payment connector will detect tethered setups (such as Clover Station 2018 USB tethered to Clover Mini) and present the payment screen on the preferred device automatically. Intents.ACTION_SECURE_PAY presents the payment on the the local device and ignores tethered devices.

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The correct way to do this would be to use setExternalReferenceId on the request. However, it looks like we haven't released a version of Payment Connector that has this capability. If you require this you will either have to wait until we do or fire raw intents.

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Hi @David Marginian,

Thanks for your quick response.

Sale Request does not have a method like setExternalReferenceId. Can we use raw intent (Intents.ACTION_SECURE_PAY) for the payment?

Also please suggest how can we do Sale type transaction using the same intent?

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Yes, if you need to have the externalReferenceId then the only option is for you to wait until we release a new version of Payment Connector (no ETA, may be awhile) or fire raw intents. I am not an expert and what needs to be done to fire raw intents so I can't currently advise you on the details of doing so.

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OK, @David Marginian Thanks for your response.

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