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Unfortunately Clover has stopped for EU development setup

Hi, I am trying to setup development environment for EU in my Tab(Android 4.4.2). I have downloaded clover engine from link. I have installed both
App Updater: com.clover.appupdater-1096.apk Clover: com.clover.engine-1804.apk

When I'm adding Clover account then Clover app is crashed with "Unfortunately Clover has stopped".

Logcat 10-06 17:01:02.193 26647-26679/? E/AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: IntentService[AppsIntentService] Process: com.clover.engine, PID: 26647 java.lang.SecurityException: Access denied to package com.clover.engine at com.clover.engine.authenticator.AccountAuthenticator.checkCallerClover( at com.clover.engine.providers.AppInfoProvider.bulkInsert( at android.content.ContentProvider$Transport.bulkInsert( at android.content.ContentResolver.bulkInsert( at at at$ServiceHandler.handleMessage( at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage( at android.os.Looper.loop( at 10-06 17:01:02.513 846-26716/? E/android.os.Debug: !@Dumpstate > sdumpstate -k -t -z -d -o /data/log/dumpstateapperror 10-06 17:01:02.533 223-531/? E/cutils: Failed to mkdirat(/storage/extSdCard/Android): Read-only file system 10-06 17:01:02.763 25246-25246/? E/NearbySettings: NearbyEnabler.getSharedContent - Init SharedContent Value 10-06 17:01:05.603 26755-26755/? E/QSEECOMAPI:: Error::Failed to open /dev/qseecom device

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Edit: The target_new_environment script has been fixed to work with targeting EU.

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Thanks for updating the script Mark. This will help others for sure.

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