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"Unfortunately, Clover has stopped."


I'm getting "Unfortunately, Clover has stopped." in Genymotion (for personal use).

I'm following the instructions as per: where it tells you to add an account but get that message each time I try.

Any suggestions?

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Deleting question. Repeat question.

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This is an identified bug, we'll update you once we have a fix.

Please search the DevAsk forum first next time to see if your issue has already been brought up to avoid duplicating questions.

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has this been fixed? as im having the same issues...

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Same here, and it kind of stops development in its tracks because the "bottled water" example tells you to test inventory retrieval by posting some inventory using the sample app. One cannot use the sample app unless clover runs on the emulator so one can download and use the sample app. Thanks

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New build is up on sandbox/dev-apks.

Currently, Engine v1455.apk also requires an environment hotfix that you can achieve by running this script:

We are working on removing the additional hotfix step. Thank you for your patience.

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Hi Mike, I am unable to resolve this issue too. Your links above are for sandbox whereas I am trying to run genymotion for app and merchant / developer accounts. I tried using 1452.apk ( to add my merchant but the "clover launcher" does not get created. How can I open Clover apps and my app. I am using app updater - 1095.apk

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Hi @mkonnekt, Please create a new question, your issue is not related to this crash in engine v1448. In the meantime, I will update the documentation.

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