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Generate a production token with control access

In this post they mention that there are three way to get the Production Toke
There are three ways of generating a secure token:
  1. OAuth, standard for webapps deployed in the Clover app market
  2. From a Clover Android App
  3. From the merchant dashboard > Setup App > API Tokens (Should be used for testing purposes only)
We are creating a Store Front for our Clover Account and it is going to be only for our Business, we are not planing to provide it as a service to others Clovers's customers, that is why we need just our merchant production token.
My question is how can we generate a production token with control access without the needs of submit a Clover app to the Clover Market Place, because for what I understood Clover Apps is to provide the same service to others Clover accounts but in our case we just building a Store Front only for our own Clover merchant

They way #2 From a Clover Android App looks like we do not need a Clover App but we do not understand how can we use it

Other question is that In case we need a Clover app, how long the approval process take ?

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You do in fact need a Clover App to accomplish constructing a store front using the Clover Platform and to get an Auth Token that can be used outside of testing/development. Especially if you intend to process payments and manage customer/employee data through Clover. We do not condone or support private apps and do not have a private app market.

For any business questions, such as the app approval process, please contact They can fill you in on the process and the different requirements in getting your app published on the Clover App Market.
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