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To give some background, we have successfully uploaded our own QSR Software
to the Sandbox and were able to download the software to the Clover Station
Dev kit. Our developers are trying to integrate the card payment and
the readers to our software. Here are some questions.
1. In order to integrate the card payment, we MUST go through the Secure
Payments App, correct?
2. In order to integrate the Secure Payment app, is there a sample
source code or specific SDK? (Our developer states that the SDK provided
seems to be based on the Semi-integration, not the full integration).
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If I understand you correctly, you plan to have your own payment flow and would like to know how to process payments (this does include launching secure pay) through the SDK. If so, you would need to use the PaymentConnector SDK. Please review the SDK and available methods. (This SDK is for both semi-integrations and full integrations)

(If I am misunderstanding you, please review our Asking & Answering Questions guide. With more context of your app and what you are trying to accomplish we can do better to assist you with this issue.)

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Thank you for your assistance, I will use this link and see if it helps in this situation.

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Please visit our Android Examples Github Repo to view some general sample code/implementations for Android Development:

There are plenty of implementations for reference in the provided repo. If you need more base set up assistance with developing Native Clover Apps please see our getting started tutorial here:

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