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Which is common payment gateway for Android application & Clover Flex?

I want to build an Android application and want to collect charity using it. Also, I want to collect Charity via Clover Flex in some exhibitions, commercial functions, etc. Can you please recommend which payment gateway shall be used in android application so that there should not be any need of 2 payment gateway merchant accounts?

I can integrate any payment gateway on my Android application and same can be installed on Clover Flex as well, right? Will Clover allow that to have a different payment gateway integrated? If yes, then what about the default features like transactions tracking, receipt printing, etc? Will those features work?

Looking forward to your response.

Thanks in advance!
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Easiest is to have different charity Items (ex. St. Jude, YMCA, United Way) with a variable price with a Label or Category named Charity.
You can pass the price to the line item when someone wants to donate.
Payment can be collected via the default gateway and will be displayed in Reports under the Label.
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Hi Jonathan,

Thanks a ton for your response. I am assuming that you have reverted keeping Clover Flex only into consideration. However, we are also making a native iOS and Android application for our client. We want the users to donate seating from their home as well. In that case, Clover Flex will not be available. How shall we fulfil that requirement using the same merchant account as to be used while donation is accepted via Clover Flex? Any help is appreciated.

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