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I am getting RE0528 - EncrptBlock is invalid|message while hitting the developer pay api why?

Hi Clover ,

I am hitting the developer pay API .

My request parameter is:-

{ "orderId": "5R3XAKZWETNZY", "taxAmount": 9, "zip": "94041", "expMonth": 1, "cvv": "111", "amount": 100, "currency": "usd", "last4": "1111", "expYear": 2019, "first6": "411111", "cardEncrypted": "qHRYLHh3bSI0qRhOKsVFqLUkAvljAnuuINqPfzUdcTjtxSfn2sQml1BTQODEdKNcE3FXYlUU8SYV xBjZq/YTWpMG8gO0NbcH57lQAinZGioYELwAetNkQXrGpLtucoKBVaJHFRB7Na8EixyJYuKieUai a4ToF9wDTOP0oXcriB1xBygJ1l2MkOAI1/vQRoBz+2YBB6iCRvmt8slb8luRa58H1qA52ZEXIx3b B/fK8MupVPZLYZwfRaT8PP6Vc7OYTw1AfZlDMOqOzazKooyB5PB6NJf0APZ2hDoKsHmEBDJt2paW Wcc4yhBb3FtUoW1xnqxdpDShG/EsB0zC0BayZg=="

Resonse parameter is:-
{ "paymentId": "600BRZN8TDJ02", "result": "DECLINED", "failureMessage": "RE0528 - EncrptBlock is invalid|"}

Kindly give me the suggestions and appropriate solutions.
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You are passing in the minimum amount of fields necessary to POST a payment. I would look to how you are encrypting the card. Please see our example implementations of Developer Pay here:

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