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How to stop 'Loyalty platform' app from trying to install every time a sale is performed (using Payment Connector).


Every time we perform a sale within our app (ex. paymentV3Connector.getService().sale(saleRequest)), Clover's 'Payments' app launches but immediately goes to a white screen with the following message: ' Installing Loyalty platform app, please wait...' before continuing on with adding a tip, prompting for a card, etc... The transaction can be completed and goes back to our app fine but then the next time a sale is performed, the same thing happens.

It looks like the 'Loyalty platform' app never actually installs. I took a look at the 'More Tools' app to see if it was available there (both in sandbox & production) but I do not see a match for it. Any suggestions on how to stop this from happening (whether it be to install the 'Loyalty platform' app or not to have it attempt to install it)?

It adds a solid 5 seconds to the entire sale experience which we would like to remove. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Could you provide me some more details so we can reproduce and fix this issue? Specifically we would need the device serial, merchant ID, environment, sdk versions (for both clover-android-sdk and clover-android-connector-sdk), and the code you are using to send the request.


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Hi @Greg,

It occurs in our dev units as well as in production.

Dev unit
- Device Serial: C041UQ72810672
- Merchant ID: NJT59SJ0PAA42
(this is where i can see our Merchant ID, correct?[MERCHAN...

Production unit
- Device Serial: C042UQ82070454
- Merchant ID: 4EVSRBFHKH0VG

- The latest version of our app uses:
- clover-android-sdk: 213
- clover-android-connector-sdk: 210.1

// create payment connector sale request
SaleRequest saleRequest = new SaleRequest();
saleRequest.setExternalId(externalPaymentID); // Payment ID from our POS
saleRequest.setDisableReceiptSelection(true); // or false
saleRequest.setDisableTipOnScreen(true); // or false

// perform sale

// paymentServiceListener is created earlier...
paymentServiceListener = new PaymentV3Connector.PaymentServiceListener() {
public void onSaleResponse(SaleResponse response) {

// paymentV3Connector is created earlier...
paymentV3Connector = new PaymentV3Connector(mContext, AvrioActivity.account, onServiceConnectedListener);

I've also taken a video of the loyalty app trying to load..

Thanks for looking into it.
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