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Where can I find the Manager passcode?

When splitting a bill, choosing the, "Pay More Later" option requires a manager passcode. The permissions tab mentioned in only provides employee passcodes. I've tried setting the permissions for the sales/receipt app the require employee permissions only, however, it still requires a manager passcode. Where can I find this code? Is there a default one set somewhere?

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Jeffrey Blattman avatar image Jeffrey Blattman ♦♦ commented ·

Are you a Clover user or developer? If you are a user, ask your owner to add you to the manager role in the employees app... then it won't ask.

If you are a developer, I don't understand your angle here. If your merchants are struggling with this, inform them that the manager passcode is a passcode of an employee with the manager role. The requirement for manager passcode here exists so employees do not inadvertently (or maliciously) abstain from accepting payment for the full amount.

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I'm a developer working on a custom tender semi integration. One of the features of my app that I'm currently addressing is handling custom tender payments that are in the, "Pay more later" state. I've built the functionality, I just want to test the feature. My employee is set to manager in the sandbox dev console and has a 6 digit password. When I choose the, "Pay more later" option mentioned above, the emulator prompts for a manager passcode. When I enter my employee's (manager's) passcode I get an error that says employees don't have these privileges.

I know there's some ongoing issues with permissions, for example side loading apps ( Could my issue be permission related as well? How can I get this password in sandbox mode?

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Jeffrey Blattman answered zetisnoa Suspended commented

Okay I figured it out. The dialog says "enter manager passcode" but that's not correct. It's actually looking for the permission "allow partially paid orders to be saved" which you can find in the Employees app under Permissions > Register. That permission is by default only available to admins.

I file an internal issue to get the wording fixed. You should be able to just add whatever roles you want to that permission to get around it for your testing.

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