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ACTION_SECURE_PAY Compatibilty for Station 2018 & Station

We would like to clarity if ACTION_SECURE_PAY is supported for Clover Station and Station 2018.

We ran the following code on a clover Mini Dev kit and it worked as expected
Intent intent = new Intent(Intents.ACTION_SECURE_PAY);
intent.putExtra(Intents.EXTRA_ORDER_ID, order.getTransactionId());
int totalAmount = (int)(order.getTotalAmount() * 100);
startActivityForResult(intent, CLOVER_PAYMENT_REQUEST)
But when we run the same code on a Clover Station 2018 Dev Kit it crashes with the following error
No Activity found to handle intent
{act=clover.intent.action.START_SECURE_PAYMENT(has extras)} 
We came across the following post which say that ACTION_SECURE_PAY is supported on Clover station
and the following post's comment says " equivalent secure payments interface that will run on Station." does Clover Station (old model) and the new Clover 2018 support ACTION_SECURE_PAY.
If it does not support, is there an alternative for ACTION_SECURE_PAY for the above clover models
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Hi @ismdcf,

The reason for the error is that the Station Secure Pay app (Which is required for Clover Station 2018 in order for developers to launch ACTION_SECURE_PAY) was not pushed to Sandbox merchants. We have rectified this, and ACTION_SECURE_PAY should work on Clover Station 2018 now. Let us know if this is not the case.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention,


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Hi @Raymond Lee

Thanks for your reply, ACTION_SECURE_PAY works with our station 2018 dev kit. Will it be possible for you confirm if all Production devices(station older model, station 2018 and clover mini) have no issues handling ACTION_SECURE_PAY intent. Specially the clover older model where as this comment made by @Jeffrey Blattman says that development was going on for a secure pay equivalent for the older clover station.

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I have just posted a question along these lines. I would say it doesn't work on the Clover Station (model 1) because it only allows swipe payment, it doesn't work with the fd40 or a tethered clover mini. Unless I need to issue some additional commands I am not aware of?

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I replied to your post; you are correct, ACTION_SECURE_PAY will launch the Station Secure Pay app on the Clover Station, even when there is a Clover Mini tethered to it.

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Yes, all Clover Production devices & Sandbox devices will be able to handle ACTION_SECURE_PAY now. We have a secure pay equivalent on the older Clover Station, which will be launched when you call ACTION_SECURE_PAY.

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Once again Thanks and happy to here this. So that means we do not have to do any change or use any specific handlers for Secure Payment to work with older Station? If it works on mini or station 2018, that means it should work on all the other devices?

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HI @Raymond Lee

We recently got another crash from a live merchant with the same stacktrace. Is it possible that merchant's clover station 2018 might not have got the update and has no secure pay installed.

stack trace as follows

Fatal Exception: android.content.ActivityNotFoundException: No Activity found to handle Intent { act=clover.intent.action.START_SECURE_PAYMENT (has extras) }

Could please clarify on this regards


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Hi Raymond Lee,

ACTION_SECURE_PAY working fine in Clover Mini and Mini(2nd generation) but not working in Clover Station 2018 Sandbox. We are getting this exception android.content.ActivityNotFoundException: No Activity found to handle Intent { act=clover.intent.action.START_SECURE_PAYMENT (has extras) }. Can you please let us know regarding this exception?

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Hi @Ramya,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! It turns out this was an issue due to Clover's Station Secure Pay app not being added to the Sandbox merchant plans. We have since rectified this, and you should now be getting Station Secure Pay app installed to all your test merchants. And the issue you have mentioned should be fixed.

Let me know if that is not the case.

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Hi @Raymond Lee
It seems like one of our live merchants are facing this issue with their production clover station 2018,
we checked with the secure app version and found out that it was not matching the one running on our DEV kit station 2018
Device (environment) --------------- Secure Payments app version
Station 2018 (PRODUCTION) -------1.0-165
Station 2018 (SANDBOX) -------------1.0-166

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That is intended, as we roll out updates to our Clover apps to Sandbox first, so that developers have time to check out the newest features and update their app if needed accordingly. The issue mentioned here should not affect Production, as Station Secure Pay was only missing from Sandbox test merchants.

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