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Test Customer Mode on Clover Station Emulator (com.clover.sdk.util.CustomerMode)

According to the clover sdk docs for Customermode it states the following

.....Customer mode is a feature available on Clover devices (except Station).....
If you are writing an application for Clover Station, this class won't function properly. Instead using the following code snippet to get Clover Station into customer mode.

  1. So if we want to enable customer mode do we have to add the above code on each activity, and Then revert the code to normal when disabling customer mode to support clover station.
  2. Will the SECURE_PAY intent ask for signature verification on clover station if customer mode is enabled, because it did not ask on the clover mini when we ran on the devkit (SECURE_PAY returns payment canceled on all emulators so unable to test it on a clover station emulator).
  3. Furthermore we only have a clover mini devkit, which runs the customer mode as intended, but if we run the same code on the clover mini emulator it does not enable the full screen customer mode. So will it be the same for clover station as well (or is there a way to test customer mode for clover station emulator).
  4. The doc above doc states Customer mode is a feature available on Clover devices (except Station), so does this apply for both the old and the new 2018 Station devices or only for the old station.
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Hi @ismdcf

To fully test your app on the devices that you mean to run on, you'll need to order a Clover Station DevKit. The emulator on its own will not provide you with the full functionality that an actual device is capable of (as you can tell between using your Mini and an emulator). One of the features that we explicitly restrict on emulator is card payment processing. CustomerMode is generally only used during the payment flow, so it makes sense that this feature may not work on emulators.

When the documentation refers to Clover Station (with no other qualifiers), it means our first generation Station.
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