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After Signature, Clover Mini hangs

I'm integrating the Clover Mini into an existing .net WinForms application. When I call ICloverConnector.Sale; the device prompts me to swipe my card, requests a signature, and then stops working. The screen shows a circle spinner and never moves past it. I get no calls back to my ICloverConnectorListener. If I then call RetrieveDeviceStatus, I get nor response. The payments appear to be processing, however; I need to get the successful response.
Clover Mini
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Hi @lboudreaux,

1. Which version of Remote Pay Windows are you using?
2. Have you implemented ICloverConnectorListener.OnDeviceError, and has a device error occurred?

3. Can you share a MVCE and steps to reproduce?

Thank you!

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1. I installed 1.3.2 from the GitHub page

2. Do you mean the ICloverConnectorListener.OnDeviceError?

3. Unfortunately, I am not able to share any code including MVCE due to contractual agreements though I can explain the steps:

a. Instantiate the CloverConnector

b. InitializeConnection (the OnDeviceReady callback is handled)

c. AddCloverConnectorListener

d. Create a SaleRequest

e. Call CloverConnector.Sale with the SaleRequest

f. On the device, swipe the card

g. Sign

h. This is where it hangs and I none of the callbacks on the listener are called.

I got this approved to share as an example of how I am doing the sale. cc is the CloverConnector instance:

Dim pa As New SaleRequest()
pa.Amount = Total
pa.ExternalId = nudId.Value.ToString
pa.DisablePrinting = True
pa.DisableReceiptSelection = True
pa.ApproveOfflinePaymentWithoutPrompt = True
pa.AutoAcceptPaymentConfirmations = True
pa.AllowOfflinePayment = True
pa.AutoAcceptSignature = True
nudId.Value += 1


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This also happens with the Clover Example POS.

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That detail about the example POS is crucial, thank you. You are getting onDeviceReady and are able to send a SaleRequest to the Mini, but then there's a loss of connectivity. Let's take this to Please include your sandbox merchant ID and devkit serial number in your email. Also, after you've reproduced this, please 4-finger exit form USB Pay Display, open the Help app > hamburger icon in top left corner > Diagnostics > Send Device Logs.

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