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App updater doesn't update after installing apks and creating account

1) Create 1366x768 API-17 Android Emulator using Genymotion
2) Download engine and updater apks (
3) Go to settings, add Clover account, login successfully with sandbox email/pass
4) Nothing happens

something that might be relevant from logcat:
09-09 05:38:30.911 1389-2032/com.clover.engine E/EntitlementsSyncAdapter: download( down sync failed for authority: com.clover.entitlements
                                                                          com.clover.http.HttpResponseException{StatusCode=401, ReasonPhrase='Unauthorized', ErrorBody={"message":"401 Unauthorized"}}
                                                                              at com.clover.http.CloverRequester.handleResponse(
                                                                              at com.clover.http.CloverRequester.get(
                                                                              at com.clover.http.CloverRequester.get(
                                                                              at com.clover.engine.simplesync.SimpleSyncAdapter.onPerformSync(
                                                                              at android.content.AbstractThreadedSyncAdapter$

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