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Is there any way we can void/refund a payment before closing it out?

I'm trying to void/refund a payment before it is closed out.

I tried the Refund function at the Transactions app (version 1.0-81), but it does not work for PENDING payments. The error shown is Error connecting to the payment gateway. Please try again later.

I'm using a dev terminal with sandbox mechant account.

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I can't reproduce this issue on our side right now, so the gateway itself seems fine. Are you still experiencing this?

If so, could you please email us your device's serial number at, and reference this thread? We can take a look at the device logs and see if we can find anything strange.



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Hi @mark.mullan,

I checked it now and it is working fine. We can refund the PENDING transactions without any problem.

Thank you for checking it out.

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