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Working Barcode Scanner

I've tried purchasing another barcode scanner, even the same model specified from Clover Hardware on

They don't work, has anyone found any that work out of the box?

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1) What scanner did you purchase? 2) Define "not working". 3) Which Clover device?

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LL2208-SR00007ZZWW and other variants. Same model, just not the "modified version for clover" offered in TASQ.

Using the pamphlet to "set the scanner mode" just disables the clover on screen keyboard. Even clicking "it's not a keyboard" wont let me scan with the scanner. Thus other minor issues.

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Can you tell me the vendor and product ID of the USB device? You can do that on linux by connecting it and running lsusb. If you are getting the popup asking if it's a keyboard, that means Clover does not recognize it as a supported scanner.

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Here you go, highlighted in yellow:


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Okay my 3) above?

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