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Clover Mobile - Unfortunately, Barcode Scanner has stopped.

When using the built in barcode scanner on the Clover Mobile. It will work for a few scans, then the barcode receiver will stop responding.

This is true both in the app I have developed for the clover mobile as well as in the Register program. Use the scanner maybe 10 times. Scanner stops responding. Keep pressing the scan trigger, eventually responds with "unfortunately barcode scanner has stopped". After this message it will work again for a few more scans then quit again.

I am using the com.clover.stripes.BarcodeBroadcast in my app but as I said it's happening in your Register app as well with my Clover Mobile.

What is the resolution for this issue?

Thank you.

Clover Mobile
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Please upload a logcat of the problem to pastebin and provide the link.

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I am sorry for the delay. Here is the logcat of the problem. Thank you.

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I don't have a good answer for you unfortunately. The logcat shows that mediaserver is segfaulting and then when our barcode scanner code runs it crashes since it can't get access to the camera hardware. Where / when did you get this Clover mobile? Is it running against sandbox?

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I have a dev kit. I am running it against the sandbox. I have a Clover Mobile 3G. Model C201. Hardware version 1.0. Build number Thank you.

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Can you start the camera app?

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