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Restrict AMEX credit card payment


Is there a clover api that could provide details regarding the credit card (mastercard, visa, amex) supported by the merchant. Essentially, the goal is to block Amex card processing in a iphone mobile app.

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Yes - when you fire an intent to launch Secure Pay (, you can pass in an EXTRA_CARD_ENTRY_METHODS to specify which are permitted.

The value is bitwise and can be constructed with these values:

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Thanks Mark for the prompt response. I forgot to mention that i am looking to implement this functionality in an IOS app. I was hoping there will be a Clover API that would allow us to filter the card type in the IOS app.

Could you please let us know if there are any api's that could be useful to implement this functionality.

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Hey there, I'm a bit confused. It won't be possible to programmatically launch Secure Pay in Clover via iOS in the first place. What's your desired workflow?

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Mark - Sorry for the confusion. The question was not crafted clearly. We are basically taking payments for my merchant in a IOS app using Clover API. The merchant does not support AMEX and wants us avoid accepting block Amex credit card in the iphone app. So the question, is there a way using Clover API's to find out what cards are supported by a Clover merchant?


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Hi @kiposlabs, thanks for the clarification. I'm not particularly well versed on the legal/contracts side of things, but I would first make really, really sure that the merchant is not in violation of any TOS/EULA by choosing not to support AMEX. I've never seen the ability for Clover merchants to reject Amex cards, and depending on the contracts they've signed, they might be legally bound to accept them.

That being said, to answer your question directly, no. There's not a way to figure this information out. If I were to implement a solution, I would cross-check the card number with

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the full list of AMEX bins, and just don't send the POST to our Developer Pay API if the customer cardNumber BIN indicates that it's an AMEX card.

But again, I can't stress enough that you first ensure this is not in violation of any terms.



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