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QR Scan to order not printing to kitchen printer

Merchant is utilizing QR codes assigned to specific table numbers in the clover dining app. When the customer places an order through the qr code the order does not fire to the kitchen. The order does populate in their clover station solo. Also, when an order is placed from the clover station solo the order DOES fire to the kitchen printer so we do not believe it is a connectivity issue. We have the kitchen printer set up as the online ordering printer. Did I miss something in the set up for Scan to Order? Many thanks!

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Are you a Clover merchant? This forum is for developers that build apps on our platform to get development assistance. If you are a Clover merchant you should contact Clover support for assistance.

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Clover support has provided 0 assistance and 0 answers. That's why my hope was to come to developers for assistance.

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QR code is linked to COLO (Clover online ordering) The printer setup must be configured or changed. I would recommend having Clover support assist you in printing a test from COLO or go to your settings to change, use the Printers app or Setup > Online Ordering > Settings on your Clover device. Also if you are logged into your dashboard it should show you what printer is connected in your Online Ordering settings.

Hope this helps!

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Try printing a test page get free diamonds in free fire or a sample order directly from the system to the kitchen printer. This will help determine if the issue lies with the QR scan system or the printer itself. If the test print works, the problem may be related to the QR scan system configuration.

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