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Clover needs to sync for UberEats online ordering to work and other concerns


We have been paying for online ordering for almost two months now and have not received any orders we have also missed online orders through Clover partners such as GrubHub and UberEats because of improper integration. I would like to request two things:

1. Please sync our UberEats online ordering. UberEats has informed us that Clover needs to sync on their end because our POS is already integrated. Please see my UberEats screenshot images.



2. I would also like a refund for at least one month of my online ordering service fee for false and misleading advertising.
The information on the Clover Help page under "Get started with Uber Eats" is not what I experienced and is misleading to customers.

Where is the step that says Clover needs to sync? There is no step for that.

Also integration is not that simple as spoken about by the Clover support reps. It actually requires a technical support person or at least more support from Clover to get it setup. Based on conversations with Clover support reps the process goes like this: "after signing up and getting started with online ordering you just have to wait to receive an email from the delivery apps to sign and confirm to get started." THAT IS A LIE. It is much more complex than that. You can click "Get started" on the online ordering section of the dashboard but after that, there is much more that needs to be done apparently.

I apologize for ranting but this whole process has caused so much frustration and anguish. Our GrubHub integration is also not working.

Thank you for your help and assistance

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I would like to add some information to this thread. I have setup 3 Clover merchants with direct integration, UberEats was a seemless transition if you provide the Uber credentials at Getting Started, DoorDash will take a few days if you already have an account set up. GrubHub is another story. GrubHub is saying the menus for all 3 merchants is too big. GrubHub is telling us to remove items and modifiers to get down to 15,000 line items or less. Unfortunately we can not do that as this would compromise the menu for DoorDash and UberEats. I suggest Clover reach out to GrubHub to get this resolved. I had planned on converting 15 locations from Otter to the Clover direct integration but have put that on hold until we can get GrubHub to work.

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