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Best practices on unpublishing APKs

Hello! Is it recommended/encouraged to unpublish old APKs/versions of the app (that are not the default published version), or will it not make a difference?

I understand that all merchants downloading an app will automatically download the latest "Published" version that is marked as the default. My question is simply about whether it makes a difference to unpublish older APKs that are still in the "Published" status but not the default published version.

I also want to note that we typically set up rollback APKs in case we need to quickly get all merchants back to the previous version after a release (which is rare but has come in handy before). We understand the intricacies around merchants only being able to move forward in the versioning (unless they uninstall and reinstall the app), but will unpublishing an older version of the app help get merchants/installs to move forward?

It appears some of the older published versions (that are not the default published version) still have merchants/installs on them, and I was under the assumption that these are old merchants/devices that have not updated their account and/or been connected to the internet recently, but wanted to make sure this was correct?

In case it is helpful, these are the links to the Clover documentation that references "Unpublishing" an APK, but they are ambiguous in describing the results of unpublishing an older version:

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