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App Install Fails


We have a production app, FlexWash POS, that is failing to install on all merchant accounts. We initially tried to push our latest 2 approved APK's out to release groups which are limited to just our production merchant account (we run our own car wash where we use the app). The release groups kept failing with "Install Failed" after the download. We were in discussions with our rep about this but we didn't get anywhere. We attempted to release to production last night and are experiencing the same behavior. The app will download then right after the install will fail and the bar will go red. No other info is given.

Our latest releases contain improvements and bug fixes that we need to release before the 15th, that day we are doing some marketing to car wash specific groups about the app.

Can someone help us figure out why the Install has started to fail?

Thank you.

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Do you have a devkit, if so is your application installing correctly on it? The devices that your app is failing on are running Android 10, have you seen these notes -

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Hi David, yes we do have a devkit for the Flex. Yes, the same code pushed in the release installs and runs fine on the devkit.

I'm not sure if this is the issue, but when we first released the app it was a private release. At the time we had a similar issue, when they pushed the app to our merchant it would fail in this same way. At the time the fastest solution was to just go public, and so we did a public release. It has been public ever since.

I did discuss some billing questions with a Clover rep recently who discussed the app being public/private. Could the setting maybe have been toggled and it is causing issues?

For now, we do not plan on changing anything of our offering and would like to keep the app public as is.

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When did you upload this APK? And, how do you sign? Do you use Android studio or do you manually sign with apksigner or ...?

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