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Customer Mode doesn't work properly after ROM Updates for Android 10

Hi, our application uses CustomerMode to limit users from accessing other apps, status bar, etc.

We are using a Clover Mini 2 DevKit to test our apps, and after the ROM Update to Android 10, the CustomerMode doesn't seem to work correctly.

After initially setting the Customer Mode, we can still see the Navigation and Status bars on the Activity that follows the initial activity.

We had to set CustomerMode again on the second activity's onResume to get it working again, and even then, we have to trigger the onResume method after the initial load of the activity for the function to work as expected. Otherwise, on a fresh load, the CustomerMode doesn't work.

Please assist.

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Can you post any code snippets, or if possible the full source of a proof-of-concept app that demonstrates the problem? We aren't aware of any known issues with CustomerMode on A10 at the moment. Are you using any other APIs such as setSystemUiVisibility?

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We didn't change the App for the migration. We just tested with the existing version on the Clover store. Worked fine on the DevKit before the upgrade, but after, this issue sprang.
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Ok, can you please answer the questions Jacob asked and provide some code for us to look at?
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We tried our test cases for this... starting activity 1, enabling customer mode, and starting activity 2 leaves customer mode enabled. I'd echo Jacob's comments that an MCVE would be helpful.

In parallel would it be possible to enable us to use your app. Is there a demo account or something that could be configured?

As you might imagine it's difficult to debug without your source code, or a way to run your app.

I can see in your decompiled APK that you are disabling customer mode in some cases. I know you said you checked the state and it said enabled when it wasn't, but as a test you might try commenting out all of the disable calls just to ensure it's not getting turned off by something.

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