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Cant install app on emulator

Hi. I've installed the clover core app and the clover update app. Then i installed the clover app market and my app (which isnt submitted, only uploaded) has the "installed" label but i cant run the app... There isnt also an install button on the app market, i have to install by using the web platform. When i try to run or debug the app directly using android studio gives me an error for missing permission to read inventory, i guess i need to run the app from app market or something so the system knows which permissions are linked to the app which are set on the web platform, i guess. Did i do something wrong? Cheers.

Edit: im using the AVD from Google, API 17

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From developer dashboard navigate to your application , you will see setting prompt there. Hit setting button there is configuration for required modules click on it and set the permissions. Hope that helps you.

Thanks, Jai

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Hi Jai. Thanks for the reply. I tried activating all modules and i already have the read permission for inventory and merchant. I even tried to uninstall and install by using the app market and even my app, but still does not work. There shouldnt be a button to run or install or uninstall the app from clover app market? Cheers.

Edit: it shouldnt create a shortcut in the emulator of my app when i install it through web platform and the clover account synchronizes? Edit: Btw, when i go to the Developer>Android apks, the apk i uploaded has 0 instals, that counter is for published apps installs ?

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@Tacs Not Really, It indicates currently how many merchants are using the application, try to set pricing to US market . If you are running in the emulator there should not be a install/ uninstall link . this link is only available on clover station. If you have APK then try drag and drop to the emulator that will install your application and you will be able to run it.

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@Tacs, sounds like you can't install using your emulator's App Market? Make sure your app has at least one pricing for the appropriate region (US or EU). Also, make sure it's an labeled as an Android App and not a webapp. If you continue to have problems, please private message me your developer id.

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@jai @Sam Thanks very much, it worked out. Cheers.

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