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Updating Employee Email via REST API

In my testing with the REST API I have found that updating the email attribute on an existing account appears to be impossible, triggering a 400 HTTP Response code and the following response:


"message": "Email already exists for: <user's name>"


If I send a blank value or the existing value via the Update Employee endpoint, the error code is avoided but the email attribute is not updated. Is this intentional? Users in our environment change emails infrequently, but it happens. Will I need to have the account deleted and re-added with a new email address to get around this? The documentation at says nothing about the email address not being able to be updated. It also suggests that name is required to update an account, which I'm finding to not be true. This is the 3rd error I've found in the API documentation. Why are these not actively being fixed?

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I don't believe employee email addresses can be changed once set. If you look at the merchant dashboard once an email address has been set, the field is disabled.

"Why are these not actively being fixed?"

We are aware of the issue, unfortunately it is not an easy fix. Our documentation is dynamically generated. This poses problems because many of our endpoints take a particular object but do NOT operate on the complete object. We have a large API and fixing this is a huge effort that would require us to inspect every single endpoint etc. I wrote up an issue for this but I am not sure when we will be able to start work on it.

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Thanks for confirming. I understand the challenges in managing a large resource. Issues take time to fix and I'm sure they are prioritized, so I get that this is probably not high on the list. I'm just a little frustrated at the time I've wasted trying to get this to work because the documentation suggests it's possible to do.

The only workaround I can think of is that when someone's email address changes, we will have to delete their existing Clover employee account and add a new account with the new email address. Our PINs are pre-set per employee and will not change so I will have to test if the duplicate PINs are an issue or not.

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I understand it is frustrating. Please feel free to ask questions here when you get stuck so you don't waste too much time.
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