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Employee set when adding payment to order through REST API not respected.

We add a payment to an open order through the Clover REST API when a merchants selects Cash a payment in our app. We capture the active employee in the app and send this to our server where we call the Create a Payment Record on an Order endpoint using the active employee ID passed from the app.

POST v3/merchants/mId/orders/orderId/payments

This works fine in the sandbox environment, but in production the resulting employee on the payment is the default employee of the Clover account.

We tried to update the employee on the payment using the update payment endpoint, but we get a 200 response, but the employee is not updated.

POST v3/merchants/mId/payments/payId

We're using the oauth token obtained from within the app for the Clover account to perform these API calls.

Can someone investigate this seemingly incorrect behavior in prod?


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Can you provide us with an order id (private + original poster permissions please)?

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I am seeing that the correct employee is set on the order, but the owner id is set on the payment. Is that consistent with what you are seeing? This doesn't seem right to me, I have asked the payments team for some insight.

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There are two separate issues here. For the creation of the payment record, the server always sets the employee id to the owner of the OAuth token. We need to investigate this a bit but it may be by design.

For the update payment endpoint the employee id cannot be update unless the payment is a preauth and it isn't eligible for capture yet.

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