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Get list transactions of a specific Closeout

Hi, I'm using remote-pay-ios SDK

I would like to get a list of transactions of a specific closeout.

However, I didn't see any supported methods in the SDK.

The response of closeout requests includes only a summary such as how many transactions within that closeout.

My situation:

- When the Clover closeout, I would like to get transactions (orders) that are closed within that time to update to my POS.

Please advise!

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Could you please help me coordinator this question?

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We don't have any closeout APIs that provide this information. Using the REST API you can retrieve payments and check to see if they are "closed". Take a look at my comments on this post for more information:

... Knowing that, you need to find all of the "Auths" for the day, plus any "Preauths" that were captured. Things get a little confusing here because cardTransaction->type deviates from the Clover/Payment connector naming. A "Sale" will have a cardTransaction-> type of "AUTH" (this is the RapidConnect/gateway term). Both an "Auth" and a "Preauth" will have a cardTransaction->type of "PREAUTH". The other relevant field for what you are trying to do is "captured". A value of "true" means the payment has been captured at the gateway (closed/complete). A value of "false" means that the payment is ready to be captured and will be the next time closeout runs. A value of null means the payment is not ready to be captured (uncaptured "Preauth") or has been voided. 

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