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CFP Display Status

Our Clover app works on both the Employee facing and the Customer facing devices. When the employee takes action, it opens an activity on the CFP. When the CFP is not in the CFP mode OR the cable is not connected, our remotedeviceconnector is getting hung.

Is there a way to determine if the cable is connected and/or if the customer facing device is in CFP mode? If we can determine it isnt connected we can skip the step of the Customer facing activity.

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What version of clover-cfp-sdk are you using? I assume you are using RemoteDeviceConnector?

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Are you checking the result of the connect() call? It should attempt to short-circuit the connection process if there isn't a tethered device connected.

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Thanks for your replies. We are using SDK v4.2.1. We have the following code but deviceStatusResponse is giving us some trouble. Is there documentation on this piece. I have not been able to find it.

remoteDeviceConnector.resetDevice(new ResetDeviceRequest());
deviceStatusResponse = remoteDeviceConnector.retrieveDeviceStatus(new DeviceStatusRequest());

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You should be able to check the boolean returned from connect(). If it isn't tethered, or can't talk to the tethered device for some reason, it should return false. The DeviceStatusResponse has a state field (ExternalDeviceState enum) which should have one of the following values.

  • null (didn't get any response from the device e.g. if not tethered)
  • IDLE (not doing anything, can start a custom activity)
  • BUSY (busy processing a request e.g. processing a payment request)
  • WAITING_FOR_POS (waiting for a response from the pos, e.g. accept signature)
  • WAITING_FOR_CUSTOMER (waiting for the customer to interact e.g. swipe card, signtaure, pin entry, etc.)

A custom activity can only start if it is in the IDLE state.

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