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Facing com.clover.sdk.v1.ClientException when creating order with line items


I am trying to create an order with the line items by using the following code:

Order order = new Order();

List<LineItem> list_item = new ArrayList<>();

LineItem lineWavit = new LineItem();




LineItem lineTax = new LineItem();






But we are getting the following exception every time:

W/System.err: com.clover.sdk.v1.ClientException: status code: 400 cannot update one or more of these fields: Order{json='{"lineItems":{"elements":[{"name":"WAV","price":48},{"name":"Tax","price":90}]}}', bundle=null, changeLog=null}

W/System.err: at com.clover.sdk.v1.ServiceConnector.throwOnFailure(

W/System.err: at com.clover.sdk.v1.ServiceConnector.execute(

W/System.err: at com.clover.sdk.v3.order.OrderV31Connector.createOrder(

Please suggest.

Note: I have tried to create the order without a line item, Order creates successfully but when we try orderConnector.addCustomLineItem() same issue arrives.

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You can't pass/create lineItems on the createOrder call. If you want to show us what code you used for addCustomLineItem that would be a good starting point.

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Thanks. addCustomLineItem is working now.

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